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5 Ways Hormone Therapy Can Help Men

I am Dr. Joseph Altamarino and today I am going to write about five ways hormone therapy can help me. The truth is men’s testosterone levels decrease as they get older. This usually starts around the age of 40 but can begin as young as 35. Sometimes it is caused by low iron levels or thyroid problems, but it’s also a natural process of aging. It’s estimated that about 18 percent of men over the age of 70 suffer from low testosterone. That is a big number!

The decrease leads to some undesirable health effects, including loss of muscle mass, lower bone density and lower sexual and reproductive functionality. The symptoms are more than just undesirable. “Low T,” as it is sometimes called, also puts you at risk for some serious health conditions. Some guys resign themselves once this change starts to happen, but hormone replacement therapy can help you to feel like yourself again. Here is how testosterone therapy can help you.

1. Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

When thinking of testosterone replacement therapy, many think of success in bed or the gym, but it can also be great for your health. Higher testosterone levels reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome, a combination of symptoms that lead to greater risk for heart disease and diabetes. People with this syndrome have plenty of belly fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar as well as high levels of triglycerides and low levels of HDL – the “good” cholesterol. Supplementing your testosterone supply can reduce your risk of this harmful condition.

2. Testosterone Can Save Your Life

Researchers have found a connection between low testosterone and risk of death in general. One study found that men with low testosterone were more than two times more likely to die over a period of a number of years than guys who had higher levels of the essential hormone. Among those with low levels, heart disease or cancer were the most frequent cause of death among them. What’s even better is that the study found that there was no change in death risk for guys taking testosterone replacement compared to men who already had high testosterone levels.

3. It Can Help with Memory Loss

Low testosterone levels have been connected to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease, especially when memory loss is already present. One study showed that supplementing testosterone can improve cognitive function. If you can never remember where you put your keys or your coworker’s name, it could be due to low testosterone levels.

4. Higher Libido

If you’ve been feeling your sexual desires fading away, testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men can help. According to one study, men who had testosterone therapy for 12 months reported more sexual activity than guys who had a placebo. In this study, increased libido and sexual functionality were reported. So, it’s a proven fact that testosterone replacement can help your sex drive and erectile function.

5. Improves Physical Condition

There is a reason testosterone is an illegal steroid in most professional and competitive sports. It really does give anyone taking it a physical edge. Testosterone typically leads to lower body fat levels and higher muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy can not only help gym rats get stronger, but it can also assist aging men who have become weaker due to lowering testosterone levels become less frail. Remaining strong for longer increases a man’s quality of life, allowing them to keep doing the things they love.

Dr. Joseph Altamarino
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