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Today I received a phone call from Jason, a 42 year old stockbroker who lives in Newport Beach, not far from our offices in Tustin.

On our call I learned Jason came across our new facebook page. He found our number then he called me. He wanted my thoughts on growth hormone replacement therapy. I think he thought growth hormone replacement therapy was only for women. I wanted to clarify for him.

Growth Hormone Replacement Is for Men, Too

Growth Hormone Replacement Is for Men, Too

On our call, I told Jason that as women age, their estrogen levels plummet, causing them a variety of symptoms. Many turn to hormone replacement to alleviate these symptoms and fight off the negative effects of aging.

Men also suffer from hormone issues as they grow older.

As Jason was experiencing, once in their 40s, men may gain weight, lose energy and experience a sexual decline. Instead of settling for these lifestyle changes, I recommended Jason explore human growth hormone replacement therapy.

Is Growth Hormone Replacement Right For You

According to my research, a man’s HGH level begins to drop as he nears 30. Since this protein produced by the pituitary gland encourages bone and muscle growth, declining levels mean that the signs of aging start to appear, often quite quickly.

When you have a GH deficiency, your body goes through some unpleasant changes. You may lose lean muscle mass, causing you to become flabby and gain weight. Your heart may be affected, so you are less able to exercise. The lack of exercise exacerbates the weight gain and lowers your fitness level. GH deficiency can also weaken your bones, making them more prone to fracture. If your growth hormone levels are low, you become caught in a negative health cycle.

Growth hormone replacement therapy usually involves injecting yourself with the HGH daily. Men who receive this growth hormone therapy claim that they maintain a lower body fat level and sleep better. Our clients report that their libido rebounds, their memory improves, and they have fewer wrinkles. Many users of HGH feel that they’ve found the fountain of youth in this replacement hormone therapy.

Although the research on this treatment is ongoing, some studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence suggest that men can fight off the effects of aging when they use it. They become more physically active, recover from workouts more quickly, and, in some instances, reduce their muscle and bone pain.

I always suggest that you confer with your physician before beginning any health regimen. And like all treatments, HGH isn’t for everyone. However, many men approaching their middle years have found the therapy to be helpful in maintaining youthful bodies and minds. You may not live forever, but you can live a long and healthy life.

Dr. Joseph Altamarino

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